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The challenges of speaking out about racism

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Racist slur against Cirencester vet triggers Twitter protests

A storm of protest has erupted on Twitter in response to an obscene racist slur aimed at a lecturer and practising vet from the Royal Agricultural University (RAU), Cirencester.
Navaratnam Partheeban recently wrote a Talking Point column for Farmers Weekly calling for the breakdown of the remaining ethnic barriers in agriculture.

Farmers Weekly Article

Opinion: Time to break down the ethnic barriers in farming

Navaratnam Partheeban is senior lecturer in Livestock Production at the Royal Agricultural University

After meeting someone for the first time, as part of the initial conversation, the question “Where are you from?” often pops up. My answer is usually “Scotland”, although sometimes I say “the UK” when abroad. This is usually enough for most people, but then I sometimes get: “But where are you really from?”

RCVS President Amanda Boag

New President redoubles commitment to diversity in the professions and embracing change

In her opening speech she said: “Along with specific projects, I wanted to highlight a couple of themes which will be prominent in the coming and future years.

“Firstly, the importance of diversity…. Diversity takes many forms and we must not lose sight of these. This includes ensuring our professions reflect the society we serve and are seen as a great and realistic opportunity for people from all backgrounds and, once in the professions, making sure we have an open and supportive environment where everyone is given the chance and the support to succeed.