Frequently asked questions

Who can join BVEDS?

We currently operate an open support community on Facebook and an educational feed on Twitter. This is open to all. We also run a closed forum for the BAME community and white allies.

I am white can I join BVEDS?

Yes white allies are welcomed (and necessary for our work)! We recommend all our white allies check out our recommended reads and actively engage in anti-racist scholarship. If you would like to join the closed forum please send us a private message on Facebook.

Do you support non British veterinary professionals?

Yes. One of our first campaigns was to highlight the damage of anti-immigrant rhetoric to our migrant colleagues. We value the contributions of migrants in the UK and want to protect their rights. Migrants face similar types of discrimination as those in British born BAME communities. We consider our migrant communities family (and in some case they literally are).

Do you support non vets?

Yes. We are a support group for all those working in the veterinary professions / sector. Veterinary nurses, support staff, vet students and pupils wishing to apply to study veterinary medicine. If you have no current support network in an allied industry, you are welcome to contact us!

Do you just deal with race?

A gentle reminder here. BAME people are also women / LGBTQ / working class / have disabilities. We highlight these issues too and how they intersect. Gypsy, Roma & Travellers also face extremely high levels of anti-Gypsy racism. White EU migrants face xenophobia. Islamophobia IS racism. We intend to support all marginalised communities through our work. We hope to build networks of solidarity with those in marginalised communities to which we do not belong. We welcome input and learning opportunities, please do get in touch.

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