Support for overseas vets

Here are some resources to help overseas vets with their transition to living in the United Kingdom.

Visa requirements for overseas vets


It is possible to see if you require a visa and what type of visa you need to visit and/or work in the United Kingdom on the official Government website.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons


The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons regulates the profession in the United Kingdom and registration is mandatory for vets wishing to practise.

Applying to the EU settlement scheme for remaining in the UK after Brexit

EU Settlement Scheme

Post-Brexit, immigration rules are likely to change. EU citizens should apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

VetAbroad, promoting careers in the United Kingdom


VetAbroad focuses on preparing overseas vets for their professional roles in the clinical practice by providing tailored mentoring sessions.

PracticeAid, helping practices and employers working with overseas veterinarians


PracticeAid provides consulting to practices working with overseas veterinarians, particularly by providing induction programs and coaching to both employers and employees.

UK VetMove, career development for overseas vets

UK VetMove

UK VetMove provides online resources and mentoring to overseas vets wanting to develop a career in the United Kingdom., particularly in clinical practice.

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