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    Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

    Embarking on a veterinary course can seem a daunting prospect. Courses are long, and potential vets are often told how difficult it is to secure a place. However, although intensive, training to be a veterinary surgeon can be an
    immensely enjoyable and rewarding experience, and can lead to a wide variety of challenging and fascinating careers. Also, your chances of gaining a place on a veterinary course may be better than you think. Each year, approximately 2400 people apply for 1200 places to study veterinary science so applicants have around a 50% chance of gaining a place. Of course, all veterinary schools teach you the same core of information, understanding and skills required to become a vet, but their courses do differ in various ways. Although your main intention is simply to gain entry to a course and qualify as a vet, it is also important that you choose the right course for you.

    This document below has been produced by the council’s Admissions Committee and is intended to fill in some gaps in the information available to you.

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    Veterinary Nursing

    The veterinary team is made up of a variety of roles that support each other as well the client and their pet.

    The team can include: veterinary surgeons, registered veterinary nurses, student veterinary nurses, veterinary care assistants, receptionists, practice managers and support staff.

    Registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) are an integral part of the veterinary team who provide high quality care for animals under their care. RVNs provide skilled, supportive care for patients and are also qualified to undertake minor surgery, monitor anaesthesia, administer medical treatment and diagnostic tests under veterinary supervision.

    The training can be intense but the rewards are worth it.

    Once you are qualified, there are a lot of opportunities to use your training in veterinary allied industries who value veterinary nursing skills.

    You can also choose to focus on specific areas of nursing care to promote health and well-being in animals.

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    Animal Aspirations

    Animal Aspirations is a Royal Veterinary College (RVC) University of London student-led project, which aims to increase diversity in veterinary medicine and animal-related careers. Ethnic minorities and people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are underrepresented in veterinary medicine and animal-related subjects.

    Animal Aspirations aims to change the face of veterinary and animal sciences through engaging student-led workshops, a positive social media presence and insightful blog posts. Interested in meeting the team individually?

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