Courageous Conversations 2021

Published at: 30 August 2021

It’s talking about a topic which you know is of great emotional importance to you or the other person, It’s being humble enough to try, even if you know you might make a mistake. It’s expecting feedback with grace and trying to do better next time. It’s being brave enough to challenge discriminatory behaviours despite the consequences. It’s receiving new information that about other peoples lived experiences and taking action to prevent discrimination happening in your own workplace. It’s time for the professions to get comfortable with talking about the uncomfortable. It’s hard we understand that, but these conversations do get easier with practice. And we certainly won’t find the solutions we need by not talking about it! We have to start somewhere why should it not be now, and we are asking participants of the courageous conversations conference to take that step and help us move the conversation forward. It’s time for less talk and more effective action. It is time to bring marginalised voices to the table, and to ask, how should we collectively be supporting you? what barriers did you face getting here? and what can we do to remove them? It’s time to have honest conversations about why change is so hard in the professions and what the common stumbling blocks are. It’s time to collective support each other in the work that is being done and commit to the solutions which have been found.